Daniel Torraca
UI/UX and Visual Designer

Digital Locker Feature Case Study

Digital Locker Feature

The Challenge

During development of the Think of Us platform, our team discovered the need for users to store and have access to their sensitive documents such as their Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. These users needed to be able to store documents (or versions of these documents) in a HIPPA compliant system but still be able to access them whenever needed as well as share them responsibly with their supporters.


The design team worked closely with our development lead to conceptualize this feature in it’s early stages. Before implementation, our organization partnered with Box Storage Systems to insure HIPPA compliance, which forced a redesign using the UI Kit provided by Box. Our design team pivoted and adapted user flows and designs to best fit into the system elements Box had already created to allow for an on-time roll out.

In conclusion

This feature, much like the ‘Requests’ feature, has had many lives over the course of the Think of Us platform. There have been dozens of learning lessons, but I think the biggest would be: User’s privacy and security come first. Additionally, I think it’s safe to say all of the following can be included as meaningful take-aways as well:

  • If something is assumed to be secure by a user, ethically, it should be

  • Users are going to use tools the way they want to - not necessarily the way you intended

  • Using an out of the Box UI kit can be limiting but also liberating in how you can re-purpose and re-imagine the pieces given to you



Think of Us

Tools Used


UI/UX Designer

What I did

  • Discovery

  • Strategy

  • Concepts

  • User flows

  • User interviews

  • Wireframes

  • Mock-Ups

  • High Fidelity Designs