Daniel Torraca
UI/UX and Visual Designer

Logos & Icono- graphy


Logos, Branding, & Iconography

To the left you’ll see an assortment of logos and icons created for events, clients, or upon specific request. Each was requested with a short turn around, but care and love were put into each. As you move down the page, you’ll see how these concepts were developed and arrived at the conclusions seen at the top of the page.

During my time working with the Think of Us team, I was also responsible for the creation of branding guidelines to ensure all documents, slides, signs, etc. followed the same consistent branding. One of the guidelines used to audit the assets created is linked below along with a document centered around the branding for Think of Us (the organization). This secondary document was presented to new members of the design team and served as a ‘Welcome Packet’.

All content was copy-written, created, thumb-nailed, and formalized personally by Daniel Torraca.