Daniel Torraca
UI/UX and Visual Designer

Requests Feature Case Study

Requests Feature

The Challenge

It was quickly determined that a useful feature for the Think of Us platform would be for youth-users to create and send requests directly to their supporters. This request management system was designed to help young people quickly request a variety of pre-defined, as well as, custom requests. Additionally, on the supporter’s viewport, users needed to be able to quickly and efficiently process the requests being sent to them and reply back. This peer-to-peer collaboration needed to offer more than an email exchange, but be familiar and intuitive enough for them to pick up and use.


Through numerous iterations, I built the request management system’s earliest prototypes using Photoshop and Proto.io while basing the general design and aesthetic off of the tools we knew both users were currently using to accomplish the task of sending formal requests (youth using Facebook Messenger and supporters using email/Outlook). These concepts were developed and adapted further in later versions of the product to streamline the display of information to users and allow for quicker responses from supporters as well as more concise messages from youth.

The Conclusion

This particular feature has lived a lot of lives within the various iterations of the Think of Us platform. Some of the key learning lessons from this feature specifically included:

  • Users (especially young people) don’t always know what to ask for so, just like the ‘Goals’ feature pre-made examples help to jump-start the thought process

  • Hints and Tips are nice but don’t need to be obtrusive

  • New features should be intuitive and build off of the lessons users have learned from the tools they already have in their lives

  • Meet users where they’re at (even if that means reformatting and outputting into their emails) to help allow for quicker responses



Think of Us

Tools Used

  • Sketch

  • Photoshop

  • Indesign

  • Proto.io

  • Zeplin

  • Google Docs


UI/UX Designer

What I did

  • Discovery

  • Strategy

  • Concepts

  • User flows

  • Wireframes

  • Copy Writing

  • Mock-Ups

  • High Fidelity Designs