Daniel Torraca
UI/UX and Visual Designer

Website Interface Design

Website Interface Design


The development of the Think of Us application was done in two phases: web followed by mobile. The two primary users for the application are supportive adults and the system involved youth they support. These supporters are both paid system professionals as well as general people involved in the lives of these young people. For both sides of the product, the core value of having youth at the center of their own plan was the most important factor for design. Youth account holders have the final say on almost all actions within the platform down to what goals they create and what supporters they invite. This may not seem revolutionary from a technology background but for those in child welfare- this is breaking the mold. Below are sample screens (broken down by feature) for both existing and planned features.


Goal Setting

The Goals feature is a planning tool that engages young people and their supporters in a structured planning process. You can use it to select suggested goals, create new goals, add actions steps, and set target dates. Goals is a great place for youth and supporters to collaborate and work on accountability.



Supporters is a network building tool that encourages a young person to grow a team of caring adults around them. Only young people can invite supporters to the Platform. However, you can help your youth identify other supportive adults they could invite. Supporters help youth get and stay connected, wherever they go.



Requests is a communication tool that allows youth to submit and track the progress of requests to supporters. Supporters can respond to youth requests, but cannot create requests. You can use Requests to easily manage and track all requests from a youth in a single place, as well as provide youth status updates. Requests is a great place to practice accountability skills with the youth you support.


Account Creation & Sign Up

Create an Account is a tool that allows youth and supporters to join the Think of Us Platform. Supporters need an invite to the Think of Us Platform from a young person to access the full range of Platform tools. Create an Account is only used once, the first time you are connecting to the Platform. Sign In is a tool that allows youth and supporters to safely and securely access the Platform.


Stories & Advice

Stories & Advice is a learning tool that allows youth and supporters to watch videos and read articles relevant to young adults with foster care experience. You can use Stories & Advice to find practical and youth-friendly advice on a wide range of topics, such as writing a cover letter, taking ADHD medication, and going through a break-up. Stories & Advice is a place the young people you serve can find encouragement and validation for their own unique experiences.



Notifications is a communication tool that keeps youth and supporters updated about activity on the Platform. You can use Notifications to keep updated on things like new goals, new requests, and responses to ongoing requests. Notifications helps youth and supporters stay on track and accountable.

A005 - TellUs@1x.jpg


Feedback is best intended to communicate errors or recommendations with early groups of users. A response plan has also been developed to ensure users receive confirmation that their message is being reviewed by one of the team members in a timely fashion.


Digital Locker

Digital Locker is a digital storage solution for young people to securely store their sensitive documents and paper work incase of emergencies. Documents are stored via Box Storage systems in HIPPA compliant servers and can be accessed via the young persons account whenever needed. Eventual capabilities include sharing capabilities with supporters and temporary, password protected, links.



Budget is as it seems. When a young person selects this feature for the first time, they are guided through a budget creation module which breaks down income, expenses, and savings. These results are then shown in the table view above. Youth also have the capability to re-enter the budget-creation-module to edit their line items.

A005 - 1d.5@1x.jpg


Tyson is a virtual assistant that greets a young person each time they get on the Platform. Supporters do not interact with Tyson. Tyson can suggest activities for a young person to complete, such as creating a new goal or making a new request. Tyson helps personalize the Platform to each individual youth.



Profile is a information-sharing tool that allows youth and supporters to tell their own stories. Supporters can share their story, email address, and phone number. Profile also allows a supporter to also view a complete list of all a youth’s supporters and their contact information. Youth can use Profile to share their stories, triggers, interests, phone number, email address, and state of residence. Profile is a place where young people and supporters have a change to tell their own stories, in their own words.


Hotline has been developed as a tool for young people to get more immediate help than, possibly, what their support network can offer. This is a list of resources that they youth can ‘pin’ and are populated with contact information as well as a brief description of the services provided. Future functionality includes adding personal hotlines or additional items not entered by the Think of Us team.